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The Part of Speech tagger system is used to assign a tag to every input word in a given sentence. The tags may include different part of speech tag for a particular language like noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, conjunction etc. and may have subcategories of all these tags. Part of Speech tagging is a basic and a preprocessing task of most of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications such as Information Retrieval, Machine Translation, and Grammar Checking etc. We have developed Rule Based and HMM based Part of Speech tagger for Punjabi using 35 different standard part of speech tag. Non-Unicode Punjabi text is also acceptable, the tagger will automaticaly detect and convert Non-Unicode text to Unicode text before tagging.

Development Team
Dr.Gurpreet Singh Lehal, Dr.Vishal Goyal, Umrinderpal Singh
Beta Version: 1.5